Working on an online MS Money replacement

I am finally fed up of having to install Microsoft Money and set up syncing of the data file, so I’ve decided to try and build a web based version. does not support non-US markets and apparently does not even support adding your own transactions that have not been downloaded from a bank. “Private Money” is the codename and it looks a bit like this at the moment:


The stack:

  • ASP.NET MVC 3 as the application framework
  • Entity Framework 4.1 for ORM
  • NInject for a modular design with dependency injection
  • MigratorDotNet for database versioning with some tweaks to get it to work over different modules
  • jQuery and jQuery UI for some nice buttons, animations and AJAX loading. MVC 3 has great support for unobtrusive javascript with jQuery which is a dream to use.

I am planning on replicating the parts of MS Money that I use the most, mainly the transaction logging, reports and cashflow chart (which should be fun to make on a canvas element). Visually I am going for the Windows Live/Metro motif.

4 thoughts on “Working on an online MS Money replacement

  1. I would be very interesting in hearing about the progress of this, and beta testing. I’ve been searching for a cross-platform (preferably web based) MS Money replacement that acts well like MS Money.

  2. Hi Ed Andersen,

    I too use the MS Money and i would like migrate to web version of a financial/personal software.

    I not change the MSMoney, because I use cash flow functionality, with budget.

    Your software have a cash flow functionality? And budget?

    You will deploy for public?

    PS: Excuse my english.


  3. Go for it Ed! Used parts of Money for years but Windows sucks!! Recently moved to Mac for reliability but web-based apps is the best. Cant believe Mint is not available to UK. so go for it! Happy to beta test.

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