Fixing Alexa’s Barry White problem

Just got an Amazon Echo alongside some Phillips Hue lights. Alexa has a Barry White problem. Let me explain:

Within an hour or so you in your infinite originality come up with the idea that you want to enable something magic like “Alexa, romance time” to play Barry White and setting the bedroom lights to a nice romantic scene.

Alexa’s “Routine” options, where you are supposed to be able to say a voice command and chain actions together as a result does not support playing music. Before you think I am crazy, most of Reddit wants to be able to do this – playing music and setting lights with one voice command. Alexa does not support it.

Barry White is specifically mentioned:


Amazon seriously need to sort this out.

IFTTT to the rescue

Alexa integrates with IFTTT but only as a trigger. You cannot play music back to the Echo as an action. However, there is an trigger for Alexa when a song is played, which supplies details as “ingredients”.

By using the Maker feature of IFTTT which supports filters, you can turn this around and prevent your Phillips Hue scene from changing when the artist is not Barry White:

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, I present “If Barry White Then That”, which triggers a Phillips Hue scene when Barry White is played. Just say “Alexa, play Barry White” and your bedroom (or living room, or kitchen) can change to a nice romantic color. By copying and editing the IFTTT Maker filter code into your own Applet you can “prevent” actions occurring.



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