Tomoyo WordPress theme

Update: I don’t use this theme anymore, as you can see.

Current version: 0.6


Download from here (350kb zip, place the ‘tomoyo’ folder in your wordpress themes directory)

I’m offering up the WordPress theme for this blog as I update it. Fully tested with WordPress 2.5.x

Current features:

    • Sexy Flash-based headings using sIFR, for post and page titles and sidebar headings (degrades gracefully when no Flash or Javascript available)
    • Full WordPress Widget support with three sidebars to customise (the one on the right, and two in the footer)
    • No horizontal scrolling on a 800-wide screen (perfect for eeepc users!)
    • Uses the new Meiryo Vista font if available for seamless latin and japanese mixed text
    • (New for 0.6!) Full custom header image support, you can now upload the image you want to use (The theme comes with a imageless header on installation, not my photo!)

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