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Skype changes its mind – drops 3G call charges

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That was quick: iPhone update: now supports multitasking, no additional charges for calling over 3G

Skype has dropped their plans to charge for 3G calls and have released an update to their iPhone client that finally supports multitasking.

At Skype, we believe that better call quality and better availability (which is achieved with an app capable of multitasking and/or making calls over 3G) lead to increased call frequency and longer calls. We also believe that the mobile world is in a period of significant change, for example, with some operators starting to move to tiered pricing models.

In light of that, we no longer have plans to charge a supplement to make calls over 3G. We’re delighted to make it easier for you to talk for even longer and do even more together using Skype.

Notice that they do not mention Video Calling – they will almost certainly charge for this in the future based on the survey in my previous post.

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