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Working on an online MS Money replacement

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I am finally fed up of having to install Microsoft Money and set up syncing of the data file, so I’ve decided to try and build a web based version. Mint.com does not support non-US markets and apparently does not even support adding your own transactions that have not been downloaded from a bank. “Private Money” is the codename and it looks a bit like this at the moment:


The stack:

  • ASP.NET MVC 3 as the application framework
  • Entity Framework 4.1 for ORM
  • NInject for a modular design with dependency injection
  • MigratorDotNet for database versioning with some tweaks to get it to work over different modules
  • jQuery and jQuery UI for some nice buttons, animations and AJAX loading. MVC 3 has great support for unobtrusive javascript with jQuery which is a dream to use.

I am planning on replicating the parts of MS Money that I use the most, mainly the transaction logging, reports and cashflow chart (which should be fun to make on a canvas element). Visually I am going for the Windows Live/Metro motif.

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4 responses to “Working on an online MS Money replacement”

  1. I would be very interesting in hearing about the progress of this, and beta testing. I’ve been searching for a cross-platform (preferably web based) MS Money replacement that acts well like MS Money.

  2. Hi Ed Andersen,

    I too use the MS Money and i would like migrate to web version of a financial/personal software.

    I not change the MSMoney, because I use cash flow functionality, with budget.

    Your software have a cash flow functionality? And budget?

    You will deploy for public?

    PS: Excuse my english.


  3. Been using Buxfer for that, but their future is not clear right now.

    Would love to see this live. What are your plans for this?

  4. Go for it Ed! Used parts of Money for years but Windows sucks!! Recently moved to Mac for reliability but web-based apps is the best. Cant believe Mint is not available to UK. so go for it! Happy to beta test.

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